Permits are obtained by submitting an electronic application on the Permit Portal website.

The following steps must be followed when using the Permit Portal:

  • Create a New Account (click on the Login or Register button) or if you already have an account (sign In through this button). Please Note for new account registration: After account is approved, an email from Tyler Tech will be sent with further instructions.
  • After you sign on, use the Permit button.
  • Find the permit that you are looking for and use the Apply blue button to start the process.
  • Fill in all information leaving no blanks.

All permit applications are reviewed by FMPS for compliance with all applicable zoning and property ordinances, building, fire, and life safety codes and regulations. This process can take up to 30 business days. Complicated or extensive projects, including those for properties in the Historic District, may take longer.

Failure to start the work or establish the use authorized by a permit within six months of the permit issue date renders the permit invalid and a new permit must be obtained. Once work begins, noticeable progress must continue until completion. All work must be complete within eighteen (18) months of a permit issue date, regardless of when work begins.

Permit fees will be invoiced by the City via email to the applicant upon initial review of permit application submittal. No permit will be reviewed or approved without the fees being paid. Permit applications must be submitted by the property owner or property owners authorized contractor with the property owner's written acknowledgement and permission.

All permit applications must be submitted with the appropriate supporting documentation. Applications submitted without such documents will not be reviewed until supporting documentation is provided. The specific supporting documentation for a given permit varies, however most require site plans and building plans. These plans must be properly scaled and, in some instances, may need to be sealed by an engineer, architect, surveyor, or other licensed professional. If a plat for a property is needed, contact the local Land Records office where the property is located.

Fees are not refunded on permits that have been issued. If a permit is denied, an applicant has the option of having the Department's decision reviewed by the Director, Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services.

View the Permit Checklist Form (PDF).