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Welcome to the City of Laurel’s Green Living page: A hub for residents and businesses to explore and support Laurel’s sustainability initiatives, track progress, and get involved!

  • Mission Statement 

    The City of Laurel defines sustainability as meeting the environmental, social, and economic needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. As such, the City of Laurel is committed to moving its operations and the community towards a more sustainable future that considers the following: 

    • Planet - practicing responsible environmental management and conservation.
    • People - embracing social equity, fairness, health, and wellness.
    • Prosperity - supporting local businesses and local economic growth.

    Laurel’s Environmental Milestones 

    The City of Laurel has a long history of being environmentally conscious.  It has been designated a Tree City USA since 1993, created an Environmental Affairs Committee in 2003, has been a Sustainable Maryland Certified City since October of 2015. Most recently, Mayor Craig Moe established the first Department of Environmental Programs. 

    In 2017, Mayor Craig A. Moe and the Laurel City Council joined leaders across the state and country in signing the “We Are Still In” initiative to continue to uphold commitments to the Paris Climate Accord. 

    “I think it’s important that we continue to honor all the environmental safeguards that the agreement put into place,” Mayor Moe says.  “We take our obligation to protect the environment very seriously in the City of Laurel and we don’t plan to stop now.”

    The “We Are Still In” initiative is the work of a national coalition which is focusing on how to maintain the Paris Climate Agreement and mitigate the effects of global warming.

    • 1993 Designated a Tree City, USA
    • 2003 Established Environmental Affairs Committee
    • 2007 Laurel debuts single-stream recycling
    • 2015 Earns Sustainable Maryland Certification
    • 2017 City of Laurel pledges to uphold Paris Climate Accord commitments
    • 2019 Piloted Organics recycling program (composting)
    • 2021 Created Department of Environmental Programs
      • Mayor Moe issues Executive Order eliminating single-use straws and stirrers
      • Presented Sustainability Framework Study with Council of Government & Cadmus
    • 2022 Ordinance No. 1977 takes effect, prohibiting disposable plastic bags in retail establishments 

We Want to Hear From You

Do you want a more bike-friendly Laurel? More accessible recycling options? Expand our curbside organics collection. What does One and Done really do? How can we reduce methane gas emissions - heck, what is methane gas? Do you want to support Green businesses in Laurel? We have compiled a list of local businesses that support at least one or more of the City's sustainable goals.

What can we all do to improve life for our residents, businesses and our environment in Laurel?

Explore the Green Living website, learn how Laurel is moving toward a more sustainable future, and get involved. There are many opportunities for residents and businesses to have their voices heard - join one of the City's committees, volunteer in one of the City's clean-up days, planting days or recycle events.

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