Handicapped Parking Permits

The City of Laurel's Residential Reserved Handicapped Parking Program is a free program administered by the Department of Public Works and made available to all residents of the City with a disability. 

This program is for those residents who have already acquired a handicap license plate or placard. Residents must complete the City's Handicapped Parking Permit Application and provide all necessary documentation to be considered for a designated handicapped parking space in front of their residence. This process will take two to six weeks to complete. Once the residential sign is placed, it is the recipient's responsibility to renew their information with the City after renewing their application with the Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration. With the inception of "permanent" tags and placards, the Department of Public Works will annually send requests to participants to update their information on file. For further information, please email DPW@Laurel.md.us or call 301-725-0088.

View the Handicapped Parking Permit Application (PDF).