City Impact Fees

A residential City Impact Fee is applied to permits for a building that will yield an additional dwelling unit (DU). These fees apply to both new development and redevelopment. The fee is based on the type of residential dwelling as summarized below:

$2,500 per DUSingle-Family
(attached or detached)
$1,250 per DUMulti-Family
(condominium or rental)

Additions to existing residential dwelling units are also subject residential impact fees. The amount of the fee is based on the percentage increase in the gross floor area (GFA) of the addition, as summarized below:

FeePercentage Increase


20% or less
$50050% or less


greater than 50%

An impact fee is applied to all commercial/industrial development, addition, or redevelopment. The fee is twenty-five cents ($0.25) per square foot.