Residential Rental Licenses

The rental licensing program is a program that sets minimum property maintenance standards that must be met by all rental property owners. These standards are derived from the International Property Maintenance Code, which governs the maintenance of existing buildings.

The program includes all rental units. This includes all hotels, motels, multi-family, single-family detached, townhouse, condominium, apartment units above or below businesses and individual rooms rented to anyone other than blood relatives. All permits for rental licenses are subject to zoning review and approval.

Annual License Fee for All Rental Units

Structure TypeAnnual Fee
Single-Family, Townhouse, Condominium, Duplex, or Apartment-style above/below a business$40.00 per unit
Multi-Family (apartment complexes and similar)$40.00 per unit

What the Basic Process Is

The following is the general process describing the basic steps of the rental licensing program:

  • All rental property owners must submit a completed application accompanied by the appropriate annual fee. The application MUST be signed by the property owner.
  • If you are new to the rental licensing program, an initial inspection of the unit(s) is required. If you mail in your application, staff will contact the property owner to schedule the inspection. If you submit your application in person at the Municipal Center, staff can schedule an inspection during your visit. There is no additional fee for the inspection.
  • If you are currently a participant in the program, once you have paid the annual fee, your license will be issued ONLY if your property is not currently due for inspection.
  • If you come into our office to pay for your renewal bill, please bring your bill with you.
  • If the inspection is passed with no violations a rental license will be issued and sent to the property owner via regular mail or email if available.
  • Individual rental properties of less than 12 units must be re-inspected every three years. If an inspection reveals no fire/life safety infractions, the Chief Building Official may grant the property owner a 1-year inspection extension.
  • In rental communities of at least 12 units but less than 60 units, a minimum of 65% of the total units shall be inspected every three years. The Chief Building Official shall determine which units are to be inspected. The Chief Building Official may also require that all such units be inspected every three years. The Chief Building Official may also require an annual inspection of all units at his/her discretion.
  • If upon completion of any inspection where a code correction is required, the inspector will leave a correction order slip with the property owner stating the item(s) to be corrected within a specified time period. Once the corrections and/or repairs have been made please call the Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services at 301-725-5300, ext. 2238 to schedule a re-inspection

View the Residential Rental License Application (PDF).

View the Rental License Inspection Requirements (PDF).

Landlord / Tenant Problems

While the Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services does respond to matters involving tenant health and safety, such as no heat, no electricity, no hot water, or non-operational items, landlord/tenant disputes should be directed to the Prince George's County Landlord/Tenant Office at 301-699-2789.

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