Fire Marshal and Permit Services

The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services (FMPS) is divided into two Divisions who are responsible for the management and enforcement of the City's codes and ordinances as it relates to wide range of areas, to include building and property standards, fire and life safety standards, rental housing licenses and permitting services.

The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services has a wide range of functions within the City in protecting the public health, safety, and welfare through the enforcement of the various codes, ordinances, and regulations. This Department's professional staff conducts inspections, identifies violations, hazards, and unsafe conditions, and ensures that all building and life safety regulations and standards are applied and approved.

The Department uses an electronic permitting and licensing process to manage, schedule and conduct the various building and property inspections to ensure compliance to all our required permit and licensing regulations. The Department issues permits, collects fees, and performs inspections for all residential and commercial construction and development-related activities within the City of Laurel including but not limited to building occupancies, signs, rental licenses, daycares, fire and life safety and electrical work, etc.

Division - Fire Marshal and Code Enforcement

  • Fire Inspections
  • Life Safety Inspections
  • Occupancy Certificates
  • Fire Protection System Inspections
  • Fire Prevention Outreach Programs

Division - Permits and Inspections

  • Electrical Permits - Inspections
  • Building Permits - Inspections
  • Miscellaneous Permits
  • Rental Housing Licenses and Inspection
  • Code Enforcement - Property Inspections