Commercial Tenant Fit Up/Alteration

Interior renovation of an existing commercial building or space.

The following permit applications are required when submitting plans for a tenant fit up:

  • Commercial Tenant Fit Up Permit Application
  • Use and Occupancy Permit Application
    • Please note that a separate application shall be submitted online at the same time as the tenant fit up permit application. Further, a letter from the property owner stating that they give permission for the building to be used for the proposed use must be attached and uploaded with the application. The letter must include the address of the property, include the property owner's name, mailing address, phone number and email address, and be signed by the property owner.
  • Commercial Electrical Permit Application
    • Usually applied for separately by the electrician
  • Commercial Mechanical Permit Application
    • If HVAC Units are being replaced
  • City of Laurel Burglar Alarm Application
    • If business has a burglar alarm, this application is required

Please Note: A single PDF of the building plans (including a floor plan of the proposed space) signed and sealed by an architect or engineer licensed in the State of Maryland shall be submitted via the online permit portal. Plans submitted not in one single PDF document will be rejected and will not reviewed until submitted properly. Paper sets of drawings are no longer accepted.


  • If the building will be used for a restaurant or a business selling any type of food, installation of a public pool, or nursing home facility, the applicant must submit plans to Prince George's County Health Department for approval. (Copy of the Use and Occupancy Permit is faxed to the County by this office)
  • The applicant is responsible for submitting plans and permit applications for plumbing directly to Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC). The City does not review or inspect plumbing work.

Permit Category

  • Building and Development