Youth Environmental Leadership Award Program


This award recognizes a student, scout or member of another youth organization who demonstrates environmental leadership and stewardship in a positive manner. This award may have up to three award recipients each year.

Description / Criteria

Youth Environmental Leadership Award Recognizes children aged 6 to 13 years who demonstrate environmental leadership and stewardship.

Some examples of projects eligible for this award are listed:

  • Improve school grounds or other public spaces by restoring or enhancing the outdoor environment via conservation landscaping.
  • Improving buildings by natural means, using eco-friendly and natural materials or elements.
  • Projects that reduce waste, promote, or encourage recycling, conserve energy, protect wildlife, and provide environmental education to others.
  • Fundraising for conservation or sustainability initiatives, elements, or practices.


Students are typically nominated by a parent, peer, or educator.

  • Youth initiative: What leadership was demonstrated by the youth?
  • Environmental Impact: How did this project positively impact the environment?

Nominations can be submitted in the following manner:

  • Completing the fillable form and submitting it via the form at the bottom of this page
  • Printing and mailing the completed nomination form to:
    • City of Laurel
      Youth Environmental Leadership Awards Program
      C/o Office of the Mayor
      8103 Sandy Spring Road
      Laurel, Maryland 20707
  • Nomination forms can also be dropped off in the drop box at the Laurel Municipal Center


  • Coordinator
    • Mayor's Chief of Staff or designee
  • Committee
    • Environmental Program Manager
    • Two Members of the City's Environmental Affairs Committee
    • One members of Laurel 4 Patuxent organization,
  • Selection Dates
    • Month of November
  • Location
    • Citywide
  • Award
    • Plaque
    • Certificate
    • A gift card will be presented to the award recipient(s).
  • Presentation
    • The presentation of the award will be at a Mayor and City Council meeting or at the award recipient(s) school.

Youth Environmental Leadership Award Program

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