Mayor’s Green Shovel Award Program


Beautification and environmental enhancement of neighborhoods in the City. To recognize residential properties that do not use pesticides and follow conservation landscaping best practices, including Chesapeake Bay scaping recommendations, to enhance the ecological value of yards and gardens. Key elements may include use of native vegetation (grasses, flowers, shrubs, trees), removal and control of invasive and non-native vegetation, capture and control of rainwater to reduce stormwater runoff pollution, reduced light pollution that interferes with insect reproduction, use of habitat structures to support wildlife.

Program Description

The Mayor's Green Shovel Award recognizes residents for eco-friendly practices that promote environmental stewardship and beautify the community. Nominations may be made by contacting the Mayor's office either by phone, email or letter. The following information should be provided if possible: property location, name and phone number and/or email of owner, description of qualifications of property for award based on eco-friendly practices described above. The person who makes the nomination must provide a name and phone number. This award is only open to residential areas of the City.


Nominations can be submitted in the following manner:

Completing the fillable form and submitting it via the form at the bottom of this page

Printing and mailing the completed nomination form to:

City of Laurel

Mayor's Green Shovel Award Program

C/o Office of the Mayor

8103 Sandy Spring Road

Laurel, Maryland 20707

Nomination forms can also be dropped off in the drop box at the Laurel Municipal Center

Award Coordinator

Mayor's Chief of Staff or designee


  • Award Committee
    • Environmental Program Manager
    • Two members of the City's Environmental Affairs Committee
    • One member of the Laurel 4 Patuxent organization
  • Award Selection Dates
    • May
    • June 
    • July
    • August
    • September
  • Location
    • Citywide, Residential Properties
  • Month/Day
    • Judging to take place in the third week of each month under the award selection dates by the award committee
  • Time: N/A
  • Equipment Needed: N/A

Award Presentation

The Mayor will make the presentation each month at a time and location set up by the Mayor's scheduler at the location of the winner.


Mayor will present a citation and a "Green Shovel Award Winner" yard sign to the property owner(s) or person(s) responsible for the beautification effort. A gift card of will also be presented.

Mayor’s Green Shovel Award Program

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