Notary Services

Citizens in need of Notary Services, please contact the Office of the City Clerk, Sara A. Green, CPM, CMC, to make an appointment at 301-725-5300, Extension 2121 or email  

Please note that Notary Services are by appointment only. 

Effective 11/14/22, the Code of Maryland Regulations allows a notary public to charge the following fees:

A. A notary public may demand and receive a fee of no more than the following for the performance of an original notarial act:

    (1) $6 for the performance of a notarial act; or

B. When a notary public is requested to notarize more than one copy of the same record, where the copy or copies have been signed at the same time by the same person or persons, the notary may demand and receive $6 for notarizing each signature on the original or first copy of the record, and may demand and receive $3 for each signature on each additional copy of the same record.

C. When a notary public is requested to make reproductions of a notarized record or an entry in the notary’s journal by photocopying or other means, the notary may demand and receive not more than $2 for each copy furnished.

D. A notary public may charge $6 for certifying a copy of a record in the notary’s journal.

Please email the Clerk to the Council Sara Green, for notary services or call 301-725-5300, Extension 2121.