Application Process

Obtaining an Application

You can now fill out a job application entirely online at the Job Opportunities page.

Applications may also be obtained by visiting the Department of Budget and Personnel Services (BAPS) located at:

Joseph R. Robison Laurel Municipal Center
8103 Sandy Spring Road
Laurel, MD 20707

Submitting Applications for Employment

Completed City of Laurel application forms are accepted by the Department of Budget and Personnel Services from 9 am to 5 pm. Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday and 9 am to 7 pm on Tuesday, excluding City holidays, unless otherwise specified. Applications must be submitted by the closing date as indicated on the job posting.

If the application is being made for more than one position, a separate application (each with an original signature) must be submitted for each position.

The Department of Budget and Personnel Services is not responsible for late applications that are sent via U.S. mail or by the courier that may not arrive.

All applications must bear the original signatures of the applicant. Faxed copies, emailed copies and applications without original signatures will not be accepted.

Please be aware that information contained on resumes may supplement information on the application, but not replace it unless a job posting specifically requests that a resume be submitted. Key information must be provided on the City of Laurel application form.

Application Documents

It is imperative that the applicant submits a completed application form along with all required documents as indicated on the job posting. Copies of documents are acceptable to initially qualify, but original/official documents (licenses, transcripts, certification, etc.) may be required prior to actual hire or promotion. It is also advisable to provide as much detail as possible about current and previous employment responsibilities when completing the application form since additional information will not be accepted after the closing date. Remember the application form presents you to the employer in your absence, and might very well be a determining factor in whether you are given further consideration in the employment process.


Different City positions require various educational credentials, licenses, and/or certifications. Diplomas and degrees are subject to verification. It is required that you submit documents proving that you meet or exceed the requirements for the position for which you are applying. If education beyond high school is required, a transcript is usually needed at the time the application is filed. Official, sealed transcripts will be required prior to actual hire for positions that require a degree. Depending on the position in question, it may also be necessary to submit proof of high school graduation, a certified copy of your state driving record or other specified credentials at the time of application. Applicants submitting foreign degrees, certificates or diplomas with applications must also submit transcript evaluations performed by NACES-approved transcript evaluation services that determine reciprocity to training or degrees completed in the United States.

General Clerical Skills Testing

Keyboarding (typing) tests will generally be scheduled immediately before the interview. Current City employees who passed such a test in their initial hire or subsequent promotion are not required to test again.

Change of Address or Home Phone Number

Please notify the Department of Budget and Personnel Services of any change of address, telephone number or other contact information that changes after submitting an application. Be sure to include the position you applied for, the approximate date of application, and your complete address. It is important that this information be accurate and current so that applicants can be readily contacted. Address changes should include zip codes. Changes in telephone numbers should include area codes.

Screening of Applications

Once a position is closed for recruitment, applications are screened by the Department that posted the position to determine which applicants meet the qualifications for the position.


Interviews will be scheduled with the three to five most qualified applicants based on information provided in their application. The City, in its sole discretion, may expand this group if selected applicants withdraw from the process.

Application Retention

Applications of individuals not selected for a position with the City are retained for one year. Retained applications will be considered automatically only if another vacancy occurs during that period in the position for which they originally applied. If you have an application on file and another position opens that interests you, contact the Department of Budget and Personnel Services to advise us of that interest. To locate your original application you must know the title of the job you last applied for and the approximate date you submitted the application.