Tax Credit

About the City Tax Credit

The City of Laurel offers a tax credit for approved and qualifying exterior preservation and restoration projects to structures located in the Historic District. Tax credits are for the materials of the work only. Delivery and warranty fees are not included. The amount of the tax credit is 10% of the total expense of the approved work, which must conform with the criteria as established by the HDC Certificate of Approval. An HDC Tax Credit Application must be obtained in order to receive a tax credit. For more information contact the Economic and Community Development Department.

The Process

An application for tax credit comes after HDC approval for the work. The owner must submit the receipts to the Historic District Coordinator, along with forms affirming that the receipts are those for the actual expenditures. Once the work has been inspected and the receipts verified, the tax credit is submitted to the HDC for final approval. In cases where the owner provides labor, tax credits are based only on the cost of the materials used. The tax credit application must be submitted in a timely manner once the work is completed. Proof of payment includes: Front and back copies of checks, bank statements, credit card receipts, and stamped paid invoices with company letterhead.

Note: Please be advised that if you complete the work without approval, you automatically reduce your tax credit to 5% and could potentially be completely denied at the Historic District Commission's discretion.

State of Maryland Tax Credit

There is also a Tax Credit you can apply for through the State of Maryland, separate from the City of Laurel: Homeowner Tax Credit (PDF)