Exclusions of Property from Nuisance Adult Mosquito Control Spraying

An individual may have his/her owned or leased property excluded from nuisance mosquito control. This exclusion will include a buffer of approximately 300 feet around the property. Each individual requesting this exclusion must submit the request in writing to the Department and provide a copy to the appropriate city, town, or county government. The individual may also notify the appropriate community association. The request must include the address of the property to be excluded from spraying and must be signed by the owner(s) or lessee(s). Annual updates are required of requests for exclusion from spraying. View the Adult Mosquito Control Exemption Form (PDF).

If the number of individual objectors and/or the location of the excluded property precludes an effective mosquito control adulticide service for a community, the service will be suspended. Adult mosquito control service may be reinstated to the community upon written request to the Department from the community association, town, city or county, if continuation of the mosquito control service is determined by the local authority to be in the best interest of the public. Because it is a cooperative program, the Department will defer to the local authority for the final decision relating to property exclusion policy. All disputes regarding this issue will be settled by the local authority. After service reinstatement, the Department will notify the individual who had requested the exclusion about the decision to reinstate service. The Department may attempt to exclude the application of insecticide immediately adjacent to the property of the person(s) requesting the exclusion, but will not provide a buffer around the property.