A Message from Chief Hamill on Use of Force, Transparency and Police Officer Accountability

At the Laurel Police Department, we have long been committed to serving the community and doing so in a fair and equitable fashion.  Each of our employees are devoted to the philosophies of Community Policing and Engagement in order to best serve every person.  We have a long-standing commitment of service before self and seek to build upon this foundation to further enhance our relationships with our community.  We have received many inquiries regarding the #8CANTWAIT recommendations for Law Enforcement agency use of force policies. We currently have in place policies that address, to some degree, all eight of the #8CANTWAIT recommendations, as discussed below.  However, I don’t believe it is enough for us to just discuss these important issues in order to have a better understanding of how we serve the community, so we have included information regarding other matters of concern that we have been asked about as well. 

Please click here to see the full version of our response to the #8CantWait recommendations.


State of Maryland Mandated Reporting of Serious Officer Involved Incidents and Use of Force Complaints 2022:


The State of Maryland mandates that all Maryland law enforcement agencies report Serious Officer Involved Incidents and Use of Force Complaints each year. Serious Officer Incidents involve cases where criminal charges are filed against an officer, criminal misconduct charges are sustained against an officer, complaints of excessive force resulting in serious injury or death have been sustained against an officer, or an officer’s actions lead to the serious injury or death of an individual.  During 2022, the Laurel Police Department did not have any Serious Officer Involved Incidents or Use of Force Complaints as defined by the law to report.







Since its incorporation in 1870, the City of Laurel has transformed from a small milltown on the Patuxent to a diverse community of over 25,000 residents that now encompasses over 4 square miles.  The Police Department has continually provided professional law enforcement services for well over a century, from a staff of a handful to almost 70 sworn officers now.

Whether it's pioneering officer-worn cameras or breaking the mold on cutting-edge training techniques, your Police Department will continue to grow and adapt to meet challenges head on.


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