K9 Unit

The Laurel Police K-9 unit consists of five K-9 teams. Each team is comprised of a specially trained canine and a police K-9 handler. All teams are trained in patrol functions (i.e. building search, tracking for criminal suspects as well as lost or missing persons, article search for evidence recovery, area searches and handler protection) and cross-trained to detect narcotics.  K9 Officers and dogs go through almost a year of intense training, then continually train and certify often.



Bicycle Patrol

Bicycle patrol allows for officers to reach places that a patrol car cannot, including the City's numerous parks and trails.  Officers on bicycles are easily approachable and connect with the community easier.  Bike officers also particpate in special events like Main Street Festival and the annual Bike Rodeo for kids.  Bike officers go through specialized police mountain bike training.

Bike Patrol


Motors Unit

The Motors Unit has 3 Harley-Davidson Police motorcycles that officers use to patrol the city.  Motors officers also assist with dignitary escorts, funeral escorts, special events, and more.  Our Motor Unit has also participated in Police Week memorial services and escorts for surviving family members.  To serve as a motor officer, a police officer must complete a grueling training course that has one of the highest failure rates of any police training.

Motorcycle Unit


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The Laurel Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to the City of Laurel citizens by aggressive Crime Prevention and vigorously pursuing and arresting criminals.