Released on August 23, 2011 - 6:02pm
Aug 22
Mayor Craig A. Moe and Police Chief Richard McLaughlin praise the members of the Laurel City Police Department for their hard work in solving numerous crimes that occurred in the City of Laurel.
During the last 2 weeks the following cases have been closed by members of the Laurel Police Department:
Armed Citizen Robbery which occurred on August 04, 2011 in the 9600 block of Fort Meade Road: arrested was William Franklin Pellom, 51 YOA of Laurel, Md.
Sexual Assault which occurred on October 27, 2010 in the 100 Block of Bowie Road: arrested was Marvin Alexander Mendez-Gomez, 25 YOA of Hyattsville, Md.
Theft/ Fraud which was reported on May 12, 2011 in the 15900 Block of Dorset Road: charged was Adrienne King-McCorkle, 39 YOA of Laurel, Md.
Attempted Murder/Stabbing that occurred on December 11, 2010 in the 900 Block Fairlawn Avenue: charged was Israel Escobar-Alvarado, 33 YOA of Laurel, Md.
Burglary which occurred on July 20 ,2011 in the 600 Block of Washington Boulevard, charged was Mark Goodwin, 52 YOA of Laurel, Md.
Burglary which occurred on March 27, 2011 in the 800 Block of Kay Court, charged was Alfred Z. Johnson, 31 YOA of Landover Hills, Md.
Burglary which occurred July 28, 2011 in the 13900 Block of Concord Avenue, charged was Denario Allen Nealis, 18 YOA of Laurel, Md.
A rash of air conditioning unit thefts (6 separate incidents resulting in the theft of 9 units)  in the Main Street area that occurred between July 17 – August 01, 2011, charged were:
                Howard Bradberry, Jr.,  53 YOA of Laurel, Md.
                Thomas Bradberry, 25 YOA of Laurel, Md.
                Melvin Bradberry, Jr., 27 YOA of Savage, Md.
Chief McLaughlin stated the Laurel Police Department is proud of its efforts to deter crime. Chief McLaughlin stated all members of the Department we work hard 24 hours a day to keep our crime rates low. The 25,000 plus eyes and ears of our residents will make a difference in keeping our community safe.  We work best when we work together.
For information on crime prevention, or to report suspicious activity,  call Laurel Police Department 301-498-0092.  For emergency assistance, please call 301-725-3000.
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The Laurel Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of law enforcement service to the City of Laurel citizens by aggressive Crime Prevention and vigorously pursuing and arresting criminals.