Paving: $50.00

Right-of-Way: $25.00 + (curb/apron construction cost x .075)


- Residential Paving Permit Application

- Residential Right of Way Permit Application

Site Plan (3 copies)


Site plan must show the location of proposed driveway. Right-of-way permit application is only required if driveway requires a curb cut or other work in the public right-of-way. Driveways must be at least 10 ft. wide and must be at least 1 ft. from any side or rear property line. Paved parking areas in front yards cannot excced 20% of the front yard. Driveways and parking areas cannot violate minimum green space requirements for a lot. Gravel and/or loose stones are not acceptable "paving" materials.

Rain Check Rebate Program


Permit Category

Residential Home Improvement

Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services (FMPS) is divided into two Divisions who are responsible for the management and enforcement of the City’s codes and ordinances as it relates to wide range of areas, to include building and property standards, fire and life safety standards, rental housing licenses and permitting services.