The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services is responsible for licensing and regulating the activities of businesses and vendors conducting business within the City limits of Laurel per Chapter 8 of the Laurel City Code. The purpose of the licensing process is to protect the public and ensure that licensees meet all requirements and have met a standard level of competence to perform their duties in their chosen business and/or activity for which they are licensed.

 Licenses are required for the following business/activity:

Sale of Alcoholic beverages

Must apply and obtain a primary alcohol license through the Prince George's County Board of License Commissioners.


Amusements (i.e. video games/computerized game machines, billiard or pool rooms, juke boxes, cinema screens, live entertainment, etc.)
Dances, in a public hall
Door-to-Door Solicitation
Ice Cream Truck Vendors
Mobile Food Vendors
Vending, Peddling, Soliciting
Temporary/Special Event License

Burglar/Holdup Alarms

Businesses operating in the City limits that use a burglar or holdup alarm must obtain a City of Laurel Alarm License.  The costs for business/commercial burglar/holdup alarm licenses are as follows:

First Year: $50.00 (Must be submitted with initial registration forms and is non-refundable)
             Annual Renewal:   $15.00
             Duplicate Registration Sticker: $5.00


Residential homeowners that have a burglar/security alarm installed on their property, are encouraged, but not required to register  their alarm with the City of Laurel. There is no cost to register a residential alarm -- just a couple of forms to complete! 


False Alarms

False alarm fines are annual. The fees will be assessed to the property/business owner as follows:


   1st 3 (three) false alarms:  No Charge
   4th false alarm:   $50.00
   5th false alarm:   $100.00
   6th false alarm:   $100.00


   1st 3 (three) false alarms:  No Charge
   4th false alarm:   $100.00
   5th false alarm:   $150.00
   6th false alarm:   $200.00

Fire Marshal & Permit Services

The Department of the Fire Marshal and Permit Services (FMPS) is divided into two Divisions who are responsible for the management and enforcement of the City’s codes and ordinances as it relates to wide range of areas, to include building and property standards, fire and life safety standards, rental housing licenses and permitting services.