TEEN TRIPS ages 13-18 (graduating high school seniors)

SUN   APR 15 

Gret Falls National Park, Potomac, MD 

#10226, $5.00 

Depart 10:00 am – Return 3:00 pm 

Explore Great Falls National Park along the Potomac River. Enjoy both the relaxation and the adventure of walking the C & O Canal path and the excitement of climbing the smaller cliffs. View the magnificent, breathtaking, waterfalls and take pictures of the spectacular autumn scenery. Take your own lunch for a picnic. 


SAT   APR 22 

UMD Performing Arts: “A Late Wedding”  

#10227, $12.00 

Depart 1:30 pm - Return 5:30 pm  

The play was inspired by the writings of Italian writer Italo Calvino; Maryland students present a series of interconnected love stories, that take place in a dialogue, a memory, a honeymoon, an interview, a rebellion, a spy hunt, and a boat traveling through space. Revolving around a strange tribal custom for marriage, The Late Wedding leads audiences through unpredictable, surprising, and whimsical theatre experience. 


WED   JUN 28 

Luray Caverns/Shenandoah National Park/Skyline Drive 

#10228, $20.00  

Depart 8:00 am – Return 8:00 pm 

Explore the natural wonders of the majestic underground Caverns that will leave you in awe. Includes admission to Caverns, Antique Car Museum, ToyTown Junction and Luray Valley Museum. We will also do a sightseeing drive tour of the Shenandoah National Forest and hike to the magnificent Dark Hollow Falls so be sure to pack your tennis shoes. We will stop for lunch (on your own) at a local restaurant. 


WED  JUL 12 

Day at the Beach, Ocean City 

#10230, $10.00 

Depart 6:30 am – Return 8:30 pm 

Enjoy the world-famous Ocean City Beach! The 4-mile-long boardwalk features an array of attractions including shops, restaurants, amusement rides, and a variety of food that’s guaranteed to please anyone’s palate! Don’t forget the suntan lotion! Price includes transportation and parking.  


WED   JUL 19 

King’s Dominion Amusement Park 

#10229, $45.00 

Depart 7:00 am – Return 9:00 pm 

Enjoy the thrill of the various rides and attraction that this famous park has to offer. Top rollercoasters and cool off at Soak City with lots of water slides and wave pool. Be sure to bring money for the assortment of refreshments, snacks, and games this park has to offer. Price includes transportation and park admission. 


Day Trip to Sandy Point, MD 

#10231, $5.00 

Depart 9:00 am – Return 4:00 pm 

Enjoy the warm and calm waters of the Chesapeake Bay at Sandy Point State Park. Invite your friends and pack a picnic or enjoy lunch from the available concession stand. Lounge around with friends under the sun and don’t forget your portable speaker for an outdoor day of fun.  


THU   AUG 10 

Howard County Fair 

#10232, Cost TBT 

Depart 4:30 pm – Return 9:30 pm 

Enjoy the thrills of discount amusement ride prices and the taste of a sweet funnel cake all while checking out the wide range of prize-winning farm animals and vegetables. Enjoy other food, drinks, and desserts at the fair as well as the beautifully groomed cows, sheep, pigs, and other livestock. Entertainment abounds. Check out the interesting award-winning special showcases from all around the county. Rides and refreshments on your own.   


THU   AUG 17 

Explore National Harbor on the Potomac River 

#10233, $5.00 

Depart 9:30 am – Return 2:45 pm 

Sightsee and shop at the array of quality stores. Have lunch at any of the top restaurants featuring foods from around the world. Ride the gigantic, glass-enclosed air-conditioned seated Capital Ferris Wheel (purchase on your own at harbor or in advance online). Price includes transportation and parking. 



Adult Trip

ADULT TRIPS ages 18+ and 21+ 

SAT   APR 8 

Explore Great Falls National Park & Old Angler’s Inn (18+) 

#10234, R-$17.00, NR- $20.00 

Depart 10:00 am - Return 4:30 pm   

Let’s enjoy both the relaxation and the adventure of walking the C & O Canal path and the excitement of hiking and climbing the cliffs. We’ll check out a few hidden shorelines and view the magnificent waterfalls! Take pictures of the spectacular spring scenery. We will enjoy dining (on your own) either inside or outside at the quant Old Angler’s Inn (built in 1860 and oozing with ambience).  


TUE   MAY 2 

Washington Nationals Baseball Game (18+) 

#10235, R-$40.00, NR- $45.00 

Depart 4:30 pm– Return 10:30 pm  

Spring is here and so is baseball! Watch major league baseball as the Nationals' enthusiastic rookies and new players take on the Chicago Cubs in this evening game. Enjoy the American pastime with great game food and refreshments at the ballpark. Price includes ticket, transportation, and ideal parking in the Geico Garage. 


SAT   MAY 6 

Explore Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia (18+) 

#10236, R-$25.00, NR- $30.00 

Depart 9:30 am– Return 5:00 pm   

View the magnificent vistas where with a backdrop of mountains, the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers meet. Hike along the beautiful trails or explore the historic buildings, monuments, landmarks, in the charming little downtown district, which includes an array of restaurants to satisfy your taste! Check out the site of abolitionist John Brown’s famous 1859 raid with intent to end slavery. Price includes transportation and admission into the National Park which is where the town is situated. 


SAT  MAY 20 

Black Ankle Winery Vineyard Tour, Mt. Airy (21+) 

#10238, R- $10.00, NR- $15.00 

Depart 11:30 am– Return 5:00 pm  

Enjoy the beautiful scenery among the vineyards and rolling hills of Western Maryland. Includes a guided tour of the winery. Wine tasting is available. Sit at a table overlooking the countryside or take your own chair or blanket. Savor the taste of some cheeses, meats and a French baguette or one may take their own food! Refreshments are on your own.  


TUE   AUG 22 

Adult Beach Day in Ocean City, MD (21+) 

#10239, R- $35.00, NR- $40.00  

Depart 6:30 am – Return 8:30 pm  

Enjoy relaxing at the world-famous Ocean City Beach with its glistening white sand and blue ocean. Water should be warm this time of year! The 4-mile-long boardwalk features and array of attractions including shops, restaurants, amusement rides and a variety of food that's guaranteed to please anyone's palate! Don't forget the suntan lotion! 


WED   AUG 30 

Rod ‘N’ Reel Resort on the Chesapeake Bay (21+) 

#10240 R- $15.00, NR- $20.00  

Depart 9:00 am – Return 6:00 pm  

Enjoy an afternoon of exploration and dining at the Rod 'N' Reel Resort and Casino either on the outdoor summer deck or in the beautiful restaurant, both with incredible views of the Cheasapeake Bay. Make a reservation at their spa or try your luck at the casino. Explore other attractions in the area on your own including a small boardwalk, waterpark, and the Chesapeake Bay Beach Railway Museum. Trip fee includes transportation and parking. 


Busch Gardens

Family Trips 
(All miniors must be accompanied by a paying adult guardian)


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  • The minimum age to participate in an Adult (18+ or 21+) or Family Trip is specific to each trip and will be listed.
  • Any minors who attend a family trip, must be accompanied by a legal parent/ guardian. Parental permission slips are required for all minors.
  • The price listed for a family trip is PER PERSON. All persons attending the trip must register.
  • All trips are on a first come, first serve basis and are subject to change or cancellation due to insufficient registration. Preregistration is MANDATORY. Registration and payment for all programs/trips can be processed at the Laurel Armory, Robert J. DiPietro Community Center, or Gude Mansion. Online registration is permitted once you are entered into the City registration system; we strongly encourage you to create a Laurel Parks & Recreation account in-person! No adult is permitted to register another child other than their own.
  • Refunds are only issued if a program/trip is cancelled. Registration and monies will not be taken on the day of the trip. Trip costs include transportation and admission unless stated otherwise.
  • All trips leave from Robert J. DiPietro Community Center, 7901 Cypress Street, Laurel MD 20707. For questions, contact Trip Coordinator, Robert Giuliani at [email protected]


 For questions, please contact Robert Giuliani at 301-717-2740 or [email protected]



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