Laurel, Say Hello to your New Carts!



Your home is receiving new carts thanks in part, to an important relationship between the City of Laurel and The Recycling Partnership, a nonprofit organization utilizing public-private partnerships to transform recycling across America. Your community was selected to receive grant support because of the City’s long-standing dedication to advancing recycling in the community.

Your new Blue carts for recycling and Black carts for trash, roll easily to the curb, provide large capacity for materials, and the attached lids help keep contents from blowing away. The new, larger, blue recycling carts make it easier for you to recycle more. The more we recycle these materials, instead of sending them to the landfill, the more we provide to manufacturers to use to create the products and packaging we buy and use every day. In all, everyone wins when recycling with carts.

The City of Laurel’s new One And Done Collection is here! Simplifying your collections: trash, recycling and composting will all be collected on the same day! Easy! Larger recycling containers make it easier for you to recycle more and keep recyclables out of our landfill. Keeping recycling and food waste out of our landfills helps to reduce Green House Gas emissions by reducing methane gases at the landfill. Your support for this new program will go a long way in creating a “Green and Sustainable” Laurel for current and future generations of Laurel residents.

The City of Laurel, The Recycling Partnership and The Partnership’s funding members know that recycling is fundamental to a healthy environment and economy. When we recycle, jobs are created, our environment is protected, and communities thrive.
Thank you, Laurel, for making the most of these new carts.

Craig A. Moe
City of Laurel

Keefe Harrison
Chief Executive Officer
The Recycling Partnership

You can learn more about this great program through the FAQ section that can be found on the left-hand side of this webpage. For more detailed information, email [email protected].

You will start receiving your new carts - Black is for Trash, Blue is for Recycling and Tan is for Composting - in the coming days!

If you would like to learn more about the City's Composting Program, visit today! 

If you feel you have too much trash for a once a week pick up, call Michele Blair, the Environmental Programs Manager, and she will come to your home and conduct an audit to help you better understand how to recycle and reduce the amount of Recyclable waste you are putting in your Refuse containers. Call her at 301-725-5300 ext. 2203 to set up your audit today!





Once again, Welcome to One and Done! We believe this new program will help reduce costs, as well as reduce the waste in our landfills! Feel free to email us at [email protected] and let us know what you think after the program has been rolled out for a few weeks! We look forward to hearing from you!