To recognize and honor certain Laurel’s “Hometown Heroes”, in and around the City of Laurel.                                            

Program Description

The City of Laurel  Hometown Heroes Banner Recognition Program recognizes and honors the service of Laurel residents and their family members to the United States Armed Forces, local Law Enforcement, Fire and Rescue organizations, and others as warranted.

Award Coordinator

Mayor’s  Chief of Staff

Award Committee

Chief of Staff or designee, City Administrator or designee, Director, Department of Public Works, Laurel Board of Trade members (2).

Award Presentation

The Award Committee will develop criteria for the Honorary Banner.  Approved attached criteria.                                             


The Laurel Board of Trade will arrange for the collection of funds for and purchase of Honorary Banners.  The City and Laurel Board of Trade will arrange for storage and/or final distribution of Honorary Banners.  The Mayor will present a citation to the family of the honoree. The City of Laurel will provide the labor and equipment for banner installation and removal, as well as maintenance of the banner hanging poles and other materials.

Award Selection Dates

Year Round

Banner Location

Banner (light poles) poles on Cherry Lane, Van Dusen Road

Equipment Needed

Existing banner holders, flag poles, installation equipment

City Seal

Office of the Mayor

The Mayor is the Chief Executive of the City, with all the powers necessary to secure the enforcement of all ordinances and resolutions passed by the City Council.