Sustainable Saturday Flyer


Enjoy a visit with all of our local eco-friendly businesses! if you are interested in pre-ordering native plants, check out Howard County Ecoworks!




Founded in 2021, Millie Farms is a small urban farm located in Laurel, MD. Our mission of Millie Farms is to grow native and beautiful cut flowers, as well as herbs and perennial edibles including asparagus, strawberries, blueberries and more. 





We are pleased to have Howard Ecoworks as part of our Sustainable Saturday event!  You can pre-order native plants and have them ready for pickup at the event – here is the pre-order from and additional information about the great work that Howard Ecoworks is involved in. Native Plant Pre-Order Forms Our mission is to empower communities and diverse workforces to respect and restore our natural systems for future generations. Our vision is to create innovative solutions, partnerships, and a skilled workforce to support resilient communities. 






The Bee Research Lab conducts research to improve the health of honey bee colonies and help the beekeeping industry maintain an adequate healthy supply of bees for the pollination of crops.





Our mission is to support Maryland's agricultural industry, protect its valuable natural resources, enhance the well-being of families and individuals, both young and old, and foster the development of strong, stable communities. 





An all-volunteer non-profit association whose mission is to promote beekeeping in Howard County Maryland and surrounding areas by providing a forum in which current beekeepers may become more knowledgeable of best practices and share experiences in the keeping and management of honeybee colonies.  




The Sierra Club is the largest and most enduring grassroots environmental advocacy organization in the nation.  Our motto: Explore, Enjoy & Protect the Planet.
The Prince George’s County Sierra Club Group supports local advocacy, service, and nature outings to educate the public and promote governmental policies that protect our planet and its people from impacts of the climate emergency, the plastic pollution crisis and threats to the biodiversity of the ecosystems that sustain us. Find out about local environmental issues and what you can do to help put Laurel and Prince George’s County on a path to a more sustainable future!




The Clean Water Partnership is a Community Based Public Private Partnership (CBP3) between Prince George’s County and Corvias. The Partnership provides flexibility in planning and execution of the scope and requirements of the Program; addresses community development needs and requirements; and instills long-term financial and regulatory commitments for integrating Green Infrastructure into the County’s stormwater Management Program.  Visit 





The Chesapeake Bay Trust is a nonprofit grant-making organization dedicated to improving the watersheds of the Chesapeake Bay, Maryland Coastal Bays, and Youghiogheny River. Created in 1985 by the Maryland General Assembly, the goal is to increase stewardship through grant programs, special initiatives, and partnerships.   The Chesapeake Bay Trust is proud to partner with Prince George’s County on its Rain Check Rebate Program, offering incentives to homeowners, businesses, and others to install practices that will improve stormwater runoff quality, reduce runoff quantity, and improve local streams and rivers.





Stop by the Sustainable Maryland table to learn about:
·      Rebates and information for making your home more energy efficient 
·      Rebates information for making your yard more stormwater-friendly
·      Information about how to start a Green Team in your homeowners/civic association
·      Stop by and pick up free a doggie bag/pet poop leash dispenser (while supplies last).  




The Department of Natural Resources leads Maryland in securing a sustainable future for our environment, society, and economy by preserving, protecting, restoring, and enhancing the State’s natural resources.   What’s the buzz….





The City of Laurel’s Community Garden opened for first growing season in Spring 2013. The  main goals are to educate city residents on sustainable gardening, provide an opportunity for socialization, and to donate part of the harvest to those in need. 





Scott Nash started MOM’s at the age of 22 with an initial investment of $100 as a home delivery business out of his mom’s garage. On July 2nd 1987, MOM’s made its first sale delivering to a customer who lived in Rockville, MD. After 3 decades, MOM’s has stores in five states and DC, employs 1,000+ people, and has created a culture centered on Our Purpose, to protect and restore the environment.





In 2018, a grassroots environmental movement in the City of Laurel was sparked by Michael McLaughlin and Brian Coyle, resulting in the formation of Laurel for the Patuxent. Building on Laurel’s strong community spirit, concerned and passionate Laurelites began organizing invasive removal events at the beloved Riverfront Park; advancing green, blue and grey environmental initiatives through the city government; and driving a more sustainable future for the city of Laurel and Patuxent watershed communities. Visit





Our mission is to conserve and restore natural ecosystems, focusing on birds, other wildlife, and their habitats for the benefit of Baltimore communities and the earth’s biological diversity. www.







Visit with the City’s own Environmental Affairs Committee members and sign up to be a “Bee Hero!”  We are creating our first City-sponsored pollinator garden in Larry T. Smith Park.  See our vision and learn about future workshops.