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Featuring local businesses that go above and beyond in their efforts to put sustainability as a priority.




Harris Teeter is committed to reducing plastic pollution in our communities and we’re always looking for new ways of making stores more sustainable. Along with reducing the use of plastic bags in the City of Laurel, Harris Teeter has always offered plastic bag recycling bins at the front of our stores and will continue to do so. Each store also recycles all plastic and paper items, which are shipped back to our warehouses and collected by our recycling partners. Harris Teeter encourages all shoppers to consider purchasing a reusable bag, which can be found at our stores, or find other ways to make their shopping habits more sustainable.      

-Paige Pauroso, Harris Teeter 


Small Businesses that Support Sustainability

A list of local small businesses that support sustainability and the measures they are taking to be more green and have a sustainable business plan.

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Green Living

Welcome to the City of Laurel’s Green Living page: A hub for residents and businesses to explore and support Laurel’s sustainability initiatives, track progress, and get involved!