William F. Goddard, Deputy City Administrator, Directory of Emergency Services

William F. Goddard

Deputy City Administrator, Director of Emergency Services

The Office of Emergency Services plays a critical role in keeping the citizens of Laurel safe. The office plans and prepares for emergencies, educates the public about preparedness, coordinates emergency response and recovery efforts and disseminates information during emergencies and disasters.  As a part of its complex activities, the office helps the community by assisting in the coordination of emergency management efforts and providing support to various City Departments.

The Deputy City Administrator for the City of Laurel serves as the City’s Director of Emergency Services.  Each City Department’s response during an emergency is monitored to ensure compliance with policies and statutory responsibilities established by the Mayor and City Council.  At the direction of the Mayor or City Administrator, the Director of Emergency Services is responsible for activating the City’s Emergency Operations Center and coordinating Department activities during an emergency within the City of Laurel or surrounding jurisdictions.

Stay Informed

The City of Laurel is dedicated to ensuring that its citizens stay safe and informed.  To help with our efforts, we provide the following services:

Be Prepared

The City is constantly reviewing and updating our response plan to be ready for a disaster.  Working with a range of partners, we've compiled a large collection of helpful resources to assist our residents in also being prepared.


The Department of Emergency Services works with and supports several City organizations.  Among these are:

More Resources

National Weather Service
FBI Tips and Leads
US Environmental Protection Agency
Disaster Assistance
Centers for Disease Control
Laurel Volunteer Fire Department
Laurel Volunteer Rescue Squad
State of Maryland
Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute
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