The Department of Public Works wants to keep our citizens informed of financed public improvement projects that pertain to or effect primarily the public right-of-way which will place over the next fiscal year.  These projects can be found in more detail in the City Budgets link, however for your convience we have expounded on them below.


Public Works Active Projects


LA 19-01:

Greenview Drive Street Improvement

Parkview Way Street Improvement

Summit Lane Street Improvement

Creekview Drive Street Improvement


Public Works Projects for Bid


The Department of Public Works periodically contracts out labor for various City needs. You can subscribe to receive notices of these requests for bids via RSS below. 

Projects Currently Open for Bids

We don't have any projects listed at this time. Contact us to inquire!

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The Department of Public Works provides refuse and recycling collection, city infrastructure management and maintenance, snow and ice removal, and quick and effective responses to inclement weather damage.