Released on January 14, 2013 - 9:29am
Jan 14

Engineering and Technical Services Bulletin

New Storm Drain System.  Engineering and Technical Services is pleased to report the installation of a new Storm Drain System at the intersection Fairlawn Avenue and Carroll Avenue. The installation of this system was necessary due to the even topography of the road, causing massive amounts of water to pool in the intersection posing serious safety hazards to the public right-of-way, particularly in the winter season when freezing occurs.    

The City of Laurel’s Public Works Department worked extensively with Prince Georges County Public Works (financiers of the project), to engineer a storm drain system consisting of two large storm water receptacles on opposite sides of Fairlawn Avenue and one on the south side of Carroll Avenue, just east of Fairlawn Avenue. These receptacles tie directly into the existing storm water system on Carroll Avenue. 

In addition to the new storm drain system, the entire intersection was paved, and several feet of new curb and gutter were installed in order for accumulated storm water to drain into its respective receptacles.  Any sidewalk and aprons disturbed during construciton were also removed and replaced, along with the restoration of residents lawns.

Below are before and after photos of the project.

Fairlawn Avenue And Carroll Avenue Before Receptacles

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