Released on October 13, 2022 - 9:23am

Leaf Vacuuming is Starting!

Mayor Moe is pleased to announce the Department of Public Works will be sending the Leaf Vacuum truck out to City streets starting next week on Monday, October 17th!

The Leaf Vacuum Truck visits different parts of the City each day of the week, so please check the Leaf Collection Route Map, to determine the collection day for your street. Leaves will be vacuumed on your street on the same weekday throughout the season. During the leaf vacuum season, paper-bagged leaves will be collected from in front of your house on your scheduled day.  Paper bags cannot have any sticks, branches, or plant material other than leaves. For other yard debris materials you should request to be on the Yard Debris Pickup list. 

There will be no leaf vacuum services provided on City Holidays in this timeframe including: Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving. There will also be no leaf vacuum services on days with snow.  On days with a holiday the vacuum truck will arrive the day before or the day after, including Saturdays for a Friday holiday, to collect your leaves.

The Leaf Vacuum Truck is scheduled to operate until the first full week in December (until Friday, December 9th).  The Leaf Vacuum Truck may stop earlier than that because of snow, or stay in operation longer than that if weather permits!  Extensions to leaf vacuuming will be announced on our webpage. 

Preparing Leaves for Leaf Vacuum

  • Rake your leaves into the grass between your sidewalk and the street. If you have no median rake them into the gutter. City crews will not vacuum leaves from private property or from alleys.
  • The leaf crew cannot return until the following week if your leaves are not out on time. You should rake your leaves the day before the collection to ensure pickup.
  • Please remove parked cars from the path of the leaf vacuum. Parked cars may prevent us from collecting your leaves.
  • Remove all cans, bottles, sticks, toys and debris from your piles of leaves. These items can cause very expensive damage to the City’s equipment and prevent us from collecting your leaves.

For more information please see our Leaf Collection page, email us at [email protected], or call us at 301-725-0088.

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