Released on October 1, 2021 - 9:52am

Electronics Recycling, Paper Shredding, GreenDrop and Styrofoam Event - October 16, 2021


Mayor Moe and Public Works is happy to bring back our October Recycling Event.  Gather up your old, important papers, old electronics, lightly used home goods and NEW this year – certain Styrofoam products - and come down to Public Works, 305-307 First Street, on Saturday, October 16, 2021, from 8:00 am to 12:00 pm (noon). 

If you have questions about the event below or other Department of Public Works services, please call at 301-725-0088 or email [email protected].

Electronics Recycling

Televisions, stereos, computers, game systems and their accessories can be dropped off free of charge.  If it plays music, video, video games, or an accessory to something that does - it counts!  Electronics will be recycled by Securis – a recognized local electronics recycling, data destruction and hard drive shredding company.


Paper Shredding

Chesapeake Paper Systems will also be on site with their shredding truck to shred your documents safely.  You can drop your documents off or stand by and watch them get put into the shredder truck!  The shredding truck will accept old X-rays and other film, however it does not get shredded on site.  Please make sure no non-paper items are mixed in with your documents, such as plastic floppy disks.  Residents are limited to five boxes per trip.  Residents and businesses are welcomed to make multiple return trips to drop off additional paper for shredding.


GreenDrop for Lightly Used Home Goods

The GreenDrop charity will have a vehicle on site to collect lightly used home goods.  In honor of October being Blindness Awareness Month, all items donated during this event will benefit the Federation of the Blind charity.  Receipts for charitable donation deductions for your taxes will be available.

Residents can drop off clothing and small household appliances for GreenDrop.  A full list of acceptable and unacceptable items can be found here:   



New! Styrofoam drop-off for EPS

New in 2021 - The City is excited to add a new way to recycle your EPS products!  While we all would love to remove all polystyrene from the waste stream – with the recycling alternative – at least we can make something beneficial!

Bring your Styrofoam packaging to the October 16th event and EPS Industry Alliance will collect and recycle the products into things such as surfboards, picture frames, construction material, and new packaging.   




Verifying Addresses

Public Works will be verifying that you are a City resident or City business so please bring a driver's license or mail addressed to your City business.  Not all addresses in "Laurel, Maryland" are in the City Limits so please verify you live within the City Limits if you plan to attend.  Montpelier, South Laurel, West Laurel, the Russett, and Maryland City are not in the City limits and will be turned away at the gate.

Coronavirus Precautions Will be in Effect

 Residents must:

  • Stay in their vehicles
  • Wear masks
  • Have ID ready
  • Put items for shredding and drop off in the trunks of their cars (where possible).

All vehicles must enter through the First Street entrance like years past, however only a limited number of cars will be allowed in the yard at a time.  There may be long lines and long waits to get into the yard, in particular at the event opening (8 am) and again right before closing (noon) so plan accordingly!  Our laborers will remove the items from the trunks of your car for this event.

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