Released on October 8, 2020 - 3:57pm

Hats Off to the Pilot Program Volunteers!

The City has successfully completed one full year of the curbside organics recycling program and the results are in!  Due to the commitment of the 200 hundred residents that volunteered for the program – we were able to divert 51,540 pounds of food scraps from the landfill.

That is the equivalent of 47,618 pounds of CO2 saved per year and this is just the beginning.  As more residents, businesses and schools show interest in the program, the City has committed to expanding the program.  Public Works has purchased more small kitchen composting containers, with a charcoal filter to reduce odors, compostable bags for the kitchen container and an outside composting toter with a locking lid. 

For those residents already part of the program, thank you for a very successful year and share the news about the benefits of composting.

Coming Soon:

  • Updating our website to be more user friendly – this will include a separate FAQ page;
  • “Resident Forum” – the Forum is a way for residents to share ideas, comments and helpful solutions to basic organics recycling issues.  Residents should e-mail Public Works ([email protected]) with their ideas and it will be highlighted under the Forum Section.
  • Sending out e-mail to participants with updates to the program. 

We appreciate you being part of the City of Laurel’s efforts to reduce waste brought to landfills by participating in our organics recycling program. 






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