Released on September 16, 2019 - 12:46pm

Save animals from animal testing and feed your organics composting!  If you use cleaners that are NOT TESTED on Animals (Method, Mrs. Meyers, Eco-Me, Earth Friendly, etc.), the paper towels are OK to put into your composting container.  Look for the Leaping Bunny on the product, these cleaners are made with organic ingredients and are safe for your organic composting.  

Don't forget grass and leaves are now allowed in your organic composting.

We have also heard your comments about the Biobags and are looking into alternatives. 

Are you interested in visiting the organics composting facility?  Let Public Works know so that we can plan the road trip – [email protected]

Not enough organics to fill your beige container?  Share a toter with a neighbor!  We will still  provide you and your neighbor with a kitchen countertop container and the composting bags. 

Send in your comments, ideas and suggestions and we will share them with all residents participating in the program!

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