Released on April 1, 2019 - 1:18pm

April's  Extra-Special Recycling Challenge Begins Today! 


For the month of April the Department of Public Works is holding an open-book quiz!  We’ll be testing your knowledge about the City's website and your recycling services.  Answers to the question below can be found on the Department of Public Works’ Recycling Program page, the Recycling Coach page, and your 2019 City Calendar.


Starting today, April 1st, the first 10 residents to email correct answers to the recycling related questions below to the Department of Public Works ([email protected]) will receive a $10 discount on their next bulky item pickup.  The discount must be used during the month of April and it will stack with other discounts and specials during the April Spring Cleanup Event


Question 1: How do you properly recycle plastic grocery store bags?

Question 2: Can your recycling be put out in a plastic trash bag for collection?

Question 3: How many videos on the City’s Recycling Program Webpage specifically address recycling plastic?

Question 4: What is the name for the mascots of the City’s Recycling App (the Recycle Coach App)?

Question 5: How many questions are asked in the Recycle Coach Quiz (can be access from the Recycle Coach page or directly, here).

Question 6: What is the color of the Recycle Coach mascot that holds a whistle?

Question 7: What page of the City Calendar has a chart of accepted and unaccepted items for recycling?

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