Released on February 22, 2019 - 12:48pm

The challenge for March is focusing on increasing recycling while decreasing refuse. The neighborhood with the the smallest gap between refuse and recycling will be the winning neighborhood.  The winner will be announced during the first week of April.  Residents from the winning neighborhood will have 30 days to claim their $10 residential special pickup voucher.  The voucher must be used within those 30 days.  Please see the Recycling Competition webpage for more information.

The ongoing February challenge is to increase recycling and the neighborhood with the largest increase in recycling from the previous month will be the winner.  The winner will be announced by the first full week of March.  On the 3rd Friday of every month, Public Works will announce a new neighborhood challenge! 

For automatic reminders and updates about this competition, download our Recycle Coach application to your phone!

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