Leaf Vacuum Schedule

From late October through the first Friday in December the City of Laurel provides leaf vacuum services free of charge to our city residents.

The vacuum truck starts collecting leaves when the majority of trees in Laurel begin losing leaves, typically the third week of October.  Please check the Leaf Collection Route Map, to determine the collection day for your street. Leaves will be vacuumed on your street on the same day throughout the season. During the leaf vacuum season, bagged leaves will be collected from in front of your house on your scheduled day or on Wednesdays if you request to be on the Yard Debris Pickup list.  There will be no leaf vacuum services provided on City Holidays in this timeframe: Columbus Day, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving Day or the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Preparing Leaves for Leaf Vacuum

  • Rake your leaves into the grass between your sidewalk and the street. If you have no median rake them into the gutter. City crews will not vacuum leaves from private property or from alleys.
  • The leaf crew cannot return until the following week if your leaves are not out on time. You should rake your leaves the day before the collection to ensure pickup.
  • Please remove parked cars from the path of the leaf vacuum. Parked cars may prevent us from collecting your leaves.
  • Remove all cans, bottles, sticks, toys and debris from your piles of leaves. These items can cause very expensive damage to the City’s equipment and prevent us from collecting your leaves.

Your cooperation and assistance is appreciated. Should you have any questions or problems concerning leaf vacuum services, or if you cannot find your street and/or development on the Leaf Collection Map, please call the Department of Public Works. To contact Public Works by phone call: 301-725-0088 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. (TTY/Text users call via Maryland Relay – 711). For your convenience you can also e-mail Public Works at [email protected]

Requesting Leaf Mulch for Your Garden or Compost

If you would like leaves for mulch or compost, Public Works crews will deliver a load of leaves, free of charge.  Leaves are only available during the leaf collection season (October through the first week of December). Such requests are on a first come, first served basis. Delivery will be one load of leaves from the leaf loader, as is. Please call to arrange for a delivery. 

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