Commercial Pickups

The City of Laurel offers our Commercial Businesses pickup services, including: Refuse, Recycling and Bulky Item pickups.  These services and their rates are detailed below.  Please be aware that the rates on this page are subject to change.  Please call our offices at 301-725-0088 or email us at [email protected] to confirm pricing and to set up service.

Commercial Refuse

The City of Laurel provides refuse pickups to our commercial businesses every day of the week, excluding holidays and weekends.  When setting up service the business can choose which days of the week (from once a week on a specific day up to 5 times a week on all weekdays) to have their refuse collected. 

The city will provide one or more 95 Gallon gray toters, as many as needed, for our commercial businesses to use for refuse. The City does not provide or service dumpsters.   Each of the gray toters has a one-time fee of $50 per toter at the start of service.  If, due to wear and tear, this can ever needs to be replaced it will incur another $50 fee.  If the business or apartment building requires a substantial number of containers the City may offer a discount for a bulk order.

The City records how many gray toters are emptied at each pickup.  The monthly bill a business receives is based upon how many toters are emptied in total each month.  If a business has overfill where their can will not close or where additional bags sit on the ground besides the can(s), these extra bags are counted as separate toter(s) for the purpose of billing.  Each month a business will get 5 free toters.  Every toter emptied after the 5th one is billed at $11.70/each.  For our apartment complexes and non-profit organizations this is reduced to $5.86 per toter.  If a business has multiple toters, only those that have trash and are emptied will be counted for billing.  

Example of Billing:  A business has 1 toter that is collected on Monday.  The current month has 4 mondays.  The business never over-fills their can.  This business will not see a bill for the current month because only 4 cans were emptied and the first 5 are free.  If during a particularly busy month the business over-fills their cans they may see a small bill.

Alternate Example of Billing: A business has 1 toter that is collected every day of the week.  The business never over-fills their can, but they do put out trash every single weekday to be collected.  This business will use their 5 free cans in the first week. Every can emptied after that is billed at $11.70/ea.  In a typical month this business should expect a monthly bill close to $200.00.   If this same business does not put any trash out after that first week for the rest of the month then they would not see a bill as the bill is based on how many cans with trash are emptied at each pickup. 

Commercial Recycling

The City offers our businesses recycling services.  Unlike refuse, Recycling is offered at a fixed-rate per-month charge that is based upon how many toters are requested, their size and frequency of pickup.  Even if no recycling is put out for the month, the business will still receive a recycling bill so long as it remains in posession of one of our green recycling toters.  Toters for recycling do not have a one-time fee.  Recycling is available for our businesses on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.  Our businesses can choose which day or days they would like for recycling pickups.

  • Each 95 Gallon toter is $15.00 a month ($30.00/month if collected two days a week and $45.00 month if collected three days a week)
  • Each 65 Gallon toter is $11.50 a month ($23.00/month if collected two days a week and $34.50 month if collected three days a week)
  • Each 35 Gallon toter is $7.50 a month ($15.00/month if collected two days a week and $22.50 month if collected three days a week)
  • 18 Gallon bins are available for use inside of buildings for the convenience of the business, but not for collection.

Please be aware that recycling containers cannot be used for yard waste or trash.  If trash or anything other than recyclables are mixed in with the recycling the can will not be emptied and a colorful tag will be left on the can to alert you to the problem.

Commercial Bulky Pickups

The City offers bulky pickup services to our businesses for large accumulations of household and business trash such as office furniture, appliances, remodeling debris (limitations apply), electronics and other items. 

Bulky Item pickups for our businesses have various base fees detailed below.  On top of these base fees the City charges extra fees for certain oversized items.  The extra fees can be seen in the table below.  

Base Fees for Businesses:

  • Non-Profit Organization - $33.75
  • For-Profit Business - $135.00
  • Apartment (single-family to 3 unit building) - $65.00
  • Apartment (4 to 10 unit building) - $100.00
  • Apartment (11 to 50 units) - $135.00
  • Apartment (51 to 100 units) - $170.00
  • Apartment (101 to 150 units) - $205.00
  • Apartment (151+ units) - $240.00

The above rates are based on a pickup taking up to 1 hour and/or 1 ton of materials.  In the event a pickup exceeds 1 hour of time for our crew OR 1 ton of materials, additional fees will apply.

Items With Extra Charges:

Please see our Residential Bulky Item page for the list of items we charge extra for and what their costs are.


Construction & Remodeling Debris and Toters

Remodeling debris must use one of the City's approved toters.  The toters are a large 95 gallon trash can with a metal bar that allows the city trucks to lift them on a lift bar.  Each toter can hold up to 200 pounds of debris.  Debris must be cut down so that the lid of the toter can close. The toters have a rental fee of $10.00 each.

Construction debris will not be collected from projects done by professional contractors working on a business, but are meant to facility building owners doing "weekend-warrior" type projects such as a home owner on his single-family rental.   If you are not sure if your remodeling debris will be accepted, please call our offices in advanced.


  • Household hazardous items, such as oil-based paint, paint thinners and solvents, pesticides, and some car parts such as engines, gas tanks, metal fenders, etc. Please call if you have any questions about prohibited items.
  • Compressed air canisters cannot be picked up in a special pickup.
  • Wet Latex paint cants.  Empty or completely dried up Latex paint cans may be collected.  If you have filled the can with kitty litter, please have the lid off at the time of pickup so our crews can see it is dry.
  • Animal carcasses and human waste are not allowed.
  • For safety reasons please remove the doors from all appliances (refrigerators, freezers, ovens, dishwashers, etc.).
  • Construction debris will not be collected from commercial/professional contractors.


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