Specialized Resource List

Rehabilitation Unit

The Rehabilitation Unit is a mobile unit that can provide rehabilition for First Responders working under extreme circumstances. Additionallly, the unit can serve as a mobile canteen to provide meals to First Responders in a regional incident working in conjunction with the Red Cross and can be used to distribute food to communities affected by an emergency.

Mobile Command Unit

The Mobile Command Unit is a mobile unit designed to effectively provide communication inoperability for emergencies. Additionally, it can serve as a backup Police Communications Unit, allowing for dispatchers to take calls and dispatch units in the event of an emergency affecting the City's primary Cmmunication Facility.

Emergency Response Trailers

Emergency Response Trailers are mobile units designed to rapidly provide specialized equipment to units in the field at a moment's notice.

Emergency Response Vehicles

Emergency Response Vehicles are specialized response vehicles that are designed to provide forced deployment for a wide variety of Emergencies.

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