Parks and Recreation Rental Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations are the responsibility of the individual who has rented City property.

1. Unless otherwise approved by the City Administrator of Laurel, City facilities are not to be rented to house fundraisers or for profit events.  For profit examples are: charging for attendance of the event, marketing “parties”, and retail sales.  In addition, City Policy prohibits accepting admission fees at the event.

2. RENTAL TIME – Rental times must be adhered to.  Set up time, Event time, and Clean up time as agreed upon will be stated on the rental permit.  Entering the facility prior to the scheduled time or extending the rental time, including clean up time, is not permitted. Please be aware the Police Department has a copy of all rental permits on file and may be monitoring the permitted times.

3. TABLES AND CHAIRS – Tables and chairs are available in each facility.  It is the renter’s responsibility to set up the room as desired and break down the room at the end of the event, leaving the chairs and tables as they were originally found.

4. DECORATIONS – Decorating for an event is not permitted outside of the facility.  Use of glue guns, nails, thumbtacks, staples, masking or electrical tape inside the facility is not permitted.  Scotch Tape is permitted.  Confetti is also prohibited. 

5. KITCHEN – Prior to the event, a Food Service Manager Certificate must be submitted to the department from any caterer being used at City facilities.  This is mandated by Prince George’s County Health Department.  Some facilities offer refrigeration.  However, refrigeration availability is limited and cannot be guaranteed.  This should be discussed with the rental office prior to the rental.

6. ALCOHOL – Alcohol is not permitted unless it is noted on the approved rental permit. Glass containers are prohibited at outside facilities.  Selling of alcohol is not permitted unless a license has been received from Prince George’s County. Both glass containers and alcohol are prohibited at our pool locations.

7. PARKING – Parking is available at each facility.  However, parking for use at the pavilions and the lakehouse at Granville Gude Park is limited to street parking.  One vehicle may drive to the lakehouse or pavilion to discharge handicapped individuals or unload “set up” supplies but then must return to street parking.  Vehicles are not permitted in any park.

8. SMOKING – Smoking is not permitted in any City facility.  This includes use of fog machines, candles, incense, or anything that gives off smoke.

9. BEHAVIOR – If necessary, guests should be reminded about appropriate behavior.  It is the renter’s responsibility to monitor their behavior.  Also, children and youth must be supervised at all times within the confines of the rented area.

10. BUILDING SUPERVISOR – Although a building supervisor may be assigned to an event, he is not permitted to deviate from the information on the rental permit.  Use of a facility or equipment and rental times is limited to what has been specified on the permit.  Additional gratuities to the building supervisor to transfer the renter’s responsibilities are not permitted. The supervisor is present to assist in any emergency, monitor the group and answer questions.  Normal cleanup of the event and replacement of chairs and tables in the original configuration is still the responsibility of the renter.

11. EQUIPMENT – There are grills available in some of our parks in designated areas.  For any additional grilling needs please contact the rental office.  Open fires and items such as popcorn and cotton candy machines, moon bounces etc... are not permitted.  Use of boom boxes and D.J.’s must be coordinated with the administrative office.  Use of propane tanks is not permitted. Exceptions may apply only with prior approval.

12. ACCIDENTS – Accidents must be reported to the Building Supervisor, rental office or administration office as soon as possible.  The City of Laurel cannot be held liable in case of injury to any individual at a rental event.  The renter will be liable for damage incurred during the event.

13. KEYED FACILITIES – Keys must be picked up one (1) business day before the permitted event between 9:00 a.m. and 12 noon.  Keys should be returned to the department as soon as possible in person or, by using the brown AFTER HOURS DROP BOX outside of the Municipal Center.  Prior to leaving the facility, doors of the facility must be locked in addition to setting the alarm.  Lakehouse/Pavilions – prior to leaving these facilities, the bathrooms must be locked.

14. CLEANING – The rental area must be left in as clean a condition as it was found.  In an un-staffed facility, cleaning equipment, vacuum, broom, etc… are located in the restroom for clean up after the event or if a spill occurs during the event.  All trash containers should be emptied into the proper outside receptacle.  If a building supervisor is present, he will advise where cleaning supplies can be located.  

15. RENTAL DEPOSITS – A deposit will be taken at the time of application.  If compliant of rules and regulations: the facility has been inspected and approved: and the key, if applicable, has been returned the deposit will be returned to the renter within three (3) weeks.

16. INCELEMNT WEATHER – Refunds will NOT be given for weather incidents occurring after 5:30pm on the day of rental.

Any infraction of rules #1 - #14; and/or, any situation requiring intervention by the Fire or Police Department and/or determining that false or misleading information was given on initial application, will result in forfeiture of all of the renter’s deposit.

If the Police Department, emergency personnel or department personnel received complaints of noise or other disturbances, said officials are authorized, to warn the participants to correct the complaint, up to and including termination of the event without further warning or notice given.  In this case, full deposit will be forfeited.