The goverment of the City of Laurel is comprised of four major parts: the Office of the Mayor, the City Council, the City Administrator, and various Boards and Committees.

The Clerk to the City Council maintains records of the agendas and minutes from City Council meetings, and many meetings of the Boards and Committees.  You can view those records on the Clerk's Meetings & Records page.

Office of the Mayor

As the leading elected official of the City, the Mayor is empowered to approve or veto legislation, provide an annual budget for all city services, and have direct supervision of government administration for all citizens and businesses of the City.
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City Council

The City Council is the legislative body of the City of Laurel, and as elected representatives of the citizens, consider and enact resolutions, regulations, and ordinances for the protection of rights and privileges, peace and good government, and safety and health of all citizens.
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City Administrator

The City Administrator directs and coordinates the general administration of the City government. The operations of each department are monitored to assure compliance with policies and legislation established by the Mayor and City Council.
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Boards and Committees

The City of Laurel depends on its citizens for ideas, input and suggestions in order to run the City government efficiently and effectively. Toward that end the Mayor and Council have established numerous Boards, Committees and Commissions which are staffed by elected officials, City employees and volunteer citizens.
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