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Education and Safety Programs

The Laurel Police Department supports and participates in many educational programs focusing on crime prevention, bicycle safety, drug abuse, child safety, and residential and business security. Listed on this page are some examples of educational programs offered by the Laurel Police Department.

DARE Program | Bicycle Safety Program | Crime Prevention Education | MVA Emergency Contact Information Program



D.A.R.E. Program

The D.A.R.E. Program is positive and substantive. It avoids scare tactics and relies on accurate information and a straight-forward approach. D.A.R.E. Officers will visit classes, conduct faculty workshops and present programs to parent/teacher organizations in addition to their assigned classroom instruction.


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Bicycle Safety Program

Each year, more than half a million bicyclists visit the doctor or the emergency room after crashing on their bikes. It's important to teach children bicycle safety. The Laurel Police Department participates in bicycle safety training and bike rodeos.

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Crime Prevention Education


The Laurel Police Department provides assistance and promotes crime prevention efforts in schools, communities and for citizen groups. Crime prevention training is conducted on a variety of topics such as the Neighborhood Watch Program; Child Safety Program; Crime Prevention for Businesses; and Senior Citizen Crime Prevention, to just name a few. Assistance is provided to interested neighborhoods, retirement communities and citizen groups who desire to set up neighborhood watch programs or block watches.

The Laurel Police Department supports the National Crime Prevention Council, 1700 K Street, NW, Second Floor, Washington, DC 20006-3817.

Help us "Take A Bite out of Crime!"

National Crime Prevention Council

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Maryland MVA Emergency Contact Information Program


The Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA) officially launched an Emergency Contact Information program that will help law enforcement officials notify emergency contacts in the event a person is injured in a vehicle accident and unable to communicate.

The Emergency Contact Information Registry is a database in which holders of a valid Maryland driver’s license or identification card can voluntarily list emergency contact information stored electronically on their driving record.  Valid Maryland driver’s license or state of Maryland identification card holders can provide the name and contact information for one, two, or three persons who they wish to be notified in the event of an emergency. 

Individuals may submit their Emergency Contact information online at , or via MVA Kiosks which are located in all MVA offices.  The information is very secure and can only be accessed by authorized law enforcement personnel.  Participants can add, modify, or delete their emergency contact information at any time by visiting .   Any modifications or deletions will overwrite all previously entered information.  For Marylanders who voluntarily add emergency contact information to the database, law enforcement will be able to quickly get word to their loved ones in the event of a serious accident.

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