All aspects of everyday operations in Laurel are supported by the staff of our various Departments.  From trash collection services to managing the City website, we keep the City running week after week.  Our Departments consist of a mix of full time, part time and volunteers who dedicate their time to making Laurel a better place to work and live.


Budget and Personnel Services

The Budget and Personnel Department maintains the City's flow of money by organizing and monitoring income from grants, taxes, and other sources, and expenditures such as City payroll, project budgets.  We also handle all aspects of employee services, from organizing City employee benefits and insurance to managing policy and programs like our Volunteer Program.
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Clerk to the City Council

It is the responsibility of the Clerk to the City Council to provide assistance to the City Council and to maintain and preserve all required legislation in accordance with State, County and City Codes. The Clerk's office provides administrative and reporting coverage of all meetings of the Mayor and City Council and various Boards and Commissions.
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Laurel - Smart Move!Community Planning and Business Services

The Department of Community Planning and Business Services maintains and oversees the built environment within the City of Laurel.  The Department is responsible for code enforcement, building and fire inspections, property standards, rental licensing, permit review and issuance, zoning compliance, subdivision and development review, historic preservation review, economic development, and implementation of the City Master Plan, to ensure public safety, protect property values and improve the life quality in the City.
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Laurel PoliceLaurel Police

Working in partnership with the entire community, the Laurel Police Department is committed to providing the highest quality of police service to the citizens of Laurel by preventing crime, enforcing the law, and vigorously pursuing and arresting criminals. The Department will promote community safety by seeking solutions to any problem that creates fear or threatens the quality of life in the City of Laurel.
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Parks and RecreationLaurel Parks & Recreation

Laurel is growing every day, and to help support that growth and encourage a friendly feeling of community, Parks and Recreation provides and maintains our public parks, community centers, athletic groups, events, shows, and celebrations.  There's something to do every day in Laurel!
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Emergency ServicesLaurel Public Safety

The City's Emergency Operations Center addresses the need to respond to various crises that can occur in our community. Weather-related events that have affected the City have magnified the need for a centralized Emergency Response Center.
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Public WorksLaurel Public Works

The mission of the Department of Public Works is to provide the citizens of Laurel with the best possible services in the most efficient and economical way possible.  Services include residential and commercial refuse and recycling collection, street and sidewalk maintenance and repair, tree management, engineering solutions for public safety, effective management of the Capital Improvement Program, maintenance of the automotive fleet, snow and ice removal and quick and effective responses to inclement weather damage.
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Information Technology

The Department of Information Technology is committed to providing the systems necessary to enable employees to achieve their goals, to support computer training throughout the City and to assist the City in effective management, administration and service operation and in delivery of its services; to provide the widest possible access to computer systems; and, to provide appropriate support in the use of these systems.
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The primary function of the Department is to provide useful information of public interest and importance to the community, residents and businesses within the City limits, as well as the greater Laurel area. The Public Information Officer develops, prepares and coordinates release of official news advisories, releases and general public information regarding all City issues to enhance understanding of City services, community well-being and public safety.
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