Released on November 14, 2013 - 7:56am
Nov 14

With sadness and a great sense of loss, Mayor Craig A. Moe has ordered City flags to be at half mast to honor the life and public service of The Honorable Percival Granville Melbourne (Petie), who passed away Wednesday, November 13, 2013.  Mayor Melbourne was 84.

Mayor Moe noted that Mayor Melbourne first served the City of Laurel on the Laurel City Council from 1958-1962.  He became Mayor in 1962, when the Mayor’s term was still two years.  Mayor Melbourne’s greatest legacy to Laurel was securing planning, zoning, and subdivision authority for the City.  This has allowed Laurel to control its destiny and to become the strong municipality it is today.

Mayor Melbourne was a local businessman who owned and operated a real estate office.  He later expanded the real estate office with partners forming the Melbourne, Feagin, and Hammersmith Real Estate Office at 306 Second Street. Mayor Melbourne received many accolades for taking two former residential properties that were zoned commercial and joined them to establish one building for his real estate business.  The properties in their combined form still stand today at 306 Second Street, although sold by Mr. Melbourne and his partners.

Mayor Moe expressed his and the City's deepest sympathies to Mayor Melbourne’s family.  He stated his last conversation with Mayor Melbourne was about a year ago.  He enjoyed sharing stories of how the Mayor’s Office and the Mayor’s role have changed over the years.

Mayor Moe enjoyed hearing the strong sense of pride Mayor Melbourne had for the City of Laurel and his role in shaping the City to what it is today.  Mayor Moe acknowledged Mayor Melbourne’s strong support for Laurel’s government and his dedication to the City he loved.

Mayor Moe stated the flags would remain at half-mast until the day after Mayor Melbourne’s funeral.


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