Released on November 19, 2013 - 1:31pm
Nov 19

Mayor Craig A. Moe has announced that the City of Laurel received the 2013 Risk Management Award from Local Government Insurance Trust (LGIT).  He added he is extremely proud to have the City recognized for its risk management and safety efforts.

As stated in the LGIT Program, “The Risk Management Award is presented to the member that consistently demonstrates excellence in committing itself to loss reductions, ongoing training adherence to LGIT’s Risk Management Guidelines and using LGIT’s resources.”

Mayor Moe is pleased that in the short year and half of creating the Risk Management position for the City of Laurel, filled by Mrs. Pat Haag, former Deputy Clerk to the Council, the City of Laurel is receiving recognition for all the hard work that Mrs. Haag and the City employees are doing to ensure safety on the job. LGIT stated “The City of Laurel staff has worked hard to put safety and reduction of loss at the forefront of their daily routine...Special recognition is given to the City’s Risk Manager and Human Resource Department for their continuing proactive efforts to reduce risk exposures.”

Mayor Moe appreciates the strong partnership the City has with LGIT and is proud that they recognized the hard work that Mrs. Haag and the City employees do to keep its employees and residents safe.

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