Released on December 27, 2022 - 12:00pm


If you are planning a holiday lights caravan to view the decorations in Laurel, we have some homes you'll definitely want to put

on the list.

Below please find the winners of the annual City of Laurel Decorating Contest for 2022.  The Department of Parks and Recreation

spearheads the event each year.  City Council President Brencis Smith and Councilman James Kole placed a Holiday Spirit Award

Winner sign in front of the winning homes in Ward 1 and Ward 2.  Please join Mayor Craig A. Moe and the City Council in congratulating the winners and

each and every one of you who decorated your home and made Laurel so festive this year.

Ward 1

906 Nichols Drive

907 Nichols Drive

602 Laurel Ave

611 Park Avenue

336 Montgomery Street

401 Carroll Avenue

205 4th Street

323 Compton Avenue

504 11th Street

601 4th Street

7108 Sandy Spring Road

1043 Marton Street

110 Battle Creek Way


Ward 2

7726 Cypress Street

14115 Downdale Drive

14112 Westmeath Drive

13714 Shannon Avenue

7683 E. Arbory Court

7704 Kiltipper Court

7600 Finglas Court

Here's a sample of some of the homes during the day. The real drama is visible at night, so drive by and check

them out. #1   336 Montgomery   #2  7726 Cypress Street   #3 906 Nichols Drive  #4 14112 Westmeath Drive



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