Released on July 14, 2022 - 10:03am



          Residents and businesses in the City of Laurel now have a new option for local news.

          The first edition of The Laurel Independent community newspaper will start hitting

           local mailboxes on or about July 13, 2022.



            In a special message to readers in the paper, Managing Editor, Katie V. Jones writes

            this new monthly newspaper is now “ bringing local news and culture to homes

            throughout the city of Laurel.”

            The paper is being published under the umbrella of a Hyattsville-based nonprofit called

            Streetcar Suburbs, which also publishes the Hyattsville Life & Times and The College

            Park Here & Now newspapers.


            Ms. Jones also writes, “ We’re launching this newspaper at a time when many others

            are folding.”  She adds, “how exciting to go against the stream-and in a city clearly

            eager to access and share local news.”


           Each monthly edition will feature a four-page newsletter of City of Laurel government

           news called The City of Laurel Ledger.  The Editor’s Note explains the process.  “While

           the city of Laurel did establish a task force to spark this publication, the city is not

          involved with editorial content of  The Laurel Independent. And while the city does pay

          to have its own newsletter included with each issue of the paper, staff of The Laurel

           Independent do not write or review the city’s pages.”



         The Laurel Independent will currently be mailed only to residents and businesses within

         the City of Laurel jurisdiction. There are plans in the works to expand that in the future.










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