Released on February 17, 2022 - 4:01pm

SCOOP THE POOP: We have recently received numerous complaints about dog owners not cleaning up after their dogs during their walks.

Did you know that you have to scoop the poop?

Section 3-39 of the Laurel City Code requires that any person owning, possessing, harboring or having the care, charge control or custody of any dog must immediately remove and dispose of any fecal matter deposited by such dog on any public or private property. The waste must be placed in a closed and sealed container and be deposited in a trash receptacle, sanitary disposal unit or other closed or sealed container.

Violation of the Section 3-39 is a municipal infraction and not a misdemeanor. The penalty for such a violation is a fine of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) for each initial offence and one hundred dollars ($100.00) for each repeat offense.

Please be sure to #ScoopThePoop! Thank you for your cooperation!

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