Released on May 17, 2021 - 1:54pm

City of Laurel Crime Reports           Week of 05-07-2021 to 05-10-2021
Date Classification Location Summary  
05/07/21 Stolen Vehicle 14400 Blk West Side Blvd Blue Honda Motorcycle.
05/07/21 Robbery and Carjacking Arrest 14700 Blk Baltimore Ave Sb A male robbed a business at gunpoint, fled the scene once officers arrived and committed an armed carjacking to further flee the scene. After a brief chase, the male was taken into custody. 
05/07/21 Theft Report 100 Blk Sharon Ct An unemployment card was stolen.
05/07/21 Theft Report 14800 Blk Fourth St  Clothes were stolen from a laundry room.
05/07/21 Vandalism - Theft From Auto 14600 Blk Baltimore Ave Nb The window to a Honda CRV was smashed open.
05/07/21 Theft From Auto 7100 Blk Virginia Manor Ct Both tags and a registration card were stolen from a Toyota Corolla.
05/07/21 Theft From Auto 14400 Blk West Side Blvd  A Camilla Converter was stolen from a Chevy.
05/08/21 DUI Arrest 14800 Blk Baltimore Ave Nb A male was arrested for driving under the influence.
05/08/21 Theft Report 100 Blk Bowie Rd A wallet was stolen.
05/08/21 DUI Arrest 1 Blk Second St Nb A male was arrested for driving under the influence.
05/09/21 Assault/Stabbing 9100 Blk Elaine Ct In the course of a fight, two males were stabbed. Both sustained non life threatening injuries.
05/09/21 Theft Report 600 Blk Washington Blvd Sb A male was observed stealing several items and fleeing the scene.
05/10/21 DUI Arrest Van Dusen Rd / Konterra Dr A female was arrested for driving under the influence.
05/10/21 Theft from Auto 14100 Blk Lauren Ln A purse was stolen out of a Nissan Altima.
05/10/21 Theft Report 800 Blk Kay Ct  A credit card was stolen.
NOTE:This report is not a comprehensive list off all police related activity in the City of Laurel for the dates posted. We will provide a report each week.        
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