Released on February 18, 2021 - 12:07pm



          Message from the Mayor Craig A. Moe



Our Department of Public Works crews have been out treating the roadways since early this morning (2/18).


As the weather conditions change, our operations will change along with them so we can stay ahead of the storm.


I want to remind everyone that we are under a Snow Emergency.   Please make sure that if you are parked on the even side of a Snow Emergency Route, move your vehicles so our  Public Works crews have full access to keep those routes clear. 


Residents can view the Snow Emergency Routes in the 2021 Calendar and on the website. 


 Public Works is working with the State Highway Administration to assist along roads serviced by State Highway (Route 1 NB/SB; 198 E/W).


We are asking residents to stay safe and stay off the roads as our road treatment and clearing operations continue.


If you need assistance, please call 301-725-5300 and ask for the Emergency Operations Center.


Craig A. Moe





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