Released on February 9, 2021 - 4:12pm


The City of Laurel has unveiled a new Public Service Announcement to encourage people who live and work here to take the Covid-19 vaccine.


It’s called “Take the shot Laurel” and features City Leaders taking various sports shots—only to have City Council President Valerie Nicholas playfully chime in “Not that shot the Covid-19 Shot. Take that shot”.


Mayor Craig A. Moe says the goal of the PSA is ease fears some may have about taking the Covid-19 vaccine, especially in communities of color.


In the video, after sinking a putt, Mayor Moe says,” I will take the shot and so should you. Covid 19 vaccines are safe and effective. So, let’s vaccinate Laurel, so we can get our kids back to school, reopen our businesses, and start spending time with family and friends again.”


That sentiment was echoed by Council members Keith Sydnor, Mike Leszcz, and Brencis Smith who also appeared in the PSA.


City of Laurel Health Officer Dr, Uzo Unegbu invited a Laurel TV crew along as he received his first and second vaccine shots. That video is now a part of the PSA.


“Both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are safe for people of all ages, genders, races and ethnicities, and both are more than 95 percent effective. We understand the hesitancy for some, but the clinical trials included diverse groups and communities of color and everyone did well,” Dr. Unegbu says in the video.


Two City of Laurel employees, Anngie Morales from the Communications Department and Henry Florian from the Department of Public Works made their pitches to the public in Spanish.


After talking with his constituents, Councilman Sydnor says the hesitancy of some in the African American and the Hispanic communities is very real.   He says the best way he knows to ease their fears is by taking the vaccine himself.


“Already done. Take the shot Laurel to protect yourself and our community,” Councilman Sydnor says after making a free throw in the video.


The Mayor and Councilmembers are urging residents to be patient. As the County gets more vaccines, it will be easier to get an appointment. Hopefully, with a little encouragement from the PSA, you’ll be ready to “take the shot Laurel” when you’re called.


To register for a shot in Prince George’s County, visit the website: 


You can also dial 311, wait for the voice to prompt you and then hit the # key to sign up as well.  We have posted all this information on the City of Laurel’s website at


Here is a link so you can view the PSA in its entirety.












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