Released on May 7, 2020 - 12:42pm

Turn your Security Camera into the Latest Crime-Fighting Tool!

The Laurel Police Department has recently begun working with Crime Reports Camera Registration. We strongly encourage anyone with a security camera to register with the Laurel Police Department’s camera registry at the link below.

How the Program Works
This program is a voluntary program aimed at collecting the location of citizen- and business-owned security cameras in the City of Laurel (MD). When a crime occurs, the Laurel Police will be able to identify the locations of cameras in and around the area of the crime and enlist the assistance of camera owners to collect video evidence. The Laurel Police will only have the location of the camera and not access to the video without the assistance and permission of the camera owner. Privacy is of the utmost importance to the Laurel Police Department and your information will not be shared with anyone outside of law enforcement.

Program Benefits
The Laurel Police truly believes our citizens are our biggest asset when investigating and solving crimes. Participation in this program ensures a timely collection of video evidence by police investigators and allows faster identification of a suspect involved in a crime. By participating in this program, you are taking a proactive approach in keeping our community safe. From the men and women of the Laurel Police Department, thank you.

Any questions regarding this registry can be sent to Capt. DiPietro at [email protected] or by calling 301-498-0092.

Link to Register:

Laurel Police Camera Registry


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