Released on December 19, 2019 - 3:44pm


Laurel Police are being credited with preventing potentially life threatening injuries to a woman who climbed 25 feet into a tree early this morning and refused to come down. 


Officers responded to a unit block of Second Street at approximately 3 a.m. after getting a call for service in reference to a woman who refused to come down from a tree.  The woman had perched herself upon a thin branch of the tree and was having difficulty hanging on in the cold (approximately 20 degrees), when Laurel Police stepped in to rescue her.   PFC James Bright called for assistance from Tower 10 of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department to facilitate rescuing the woman as she drifted in and out of consciousness.  Additionally, two officers utilized a sheet under the woman in hopes of breaking her fall if she jumped or fell. 


Private First Class Erik Eagle, of the LPD, was on scene, and due to concerns for the woman’s safety, climbed the tree and eventually grabbed hold of her, preventing her from falling.  PFC Eagle managed to subdue the woman in the tree, at great risk to his own safety, until members of the Laurel Volunteer Fire Department (LVFD) arrived and were able to deploy the services of Tower 10’s bucket.  PFC James Bright rose up to the woman’s location in the bucket and assisted PFC Eagle in subduing the young woman and lowering her to safety. 


The woman was treated and transported to a local hospital by the LVFD for further care.  There is no further information regarding her condition at this time. 


Due to the quick actions of the LPD officers, LVFD members, and the public, further tragedy was avoided during this unfortunate incident.  Chief Russ Hamill of the LPD stated, “The work of a police officer calls for different actions each day, not just enforcement related actions, but even more importantly, human actions where the men and women of law enforcement step into harms way to protect others; to protect people they don’t know from danger.  I am very proud of the actions of these officers and thankful they were able to lead this incident to a positive outcome.   They are to be commended for their selfless devotion to protecting our community.”




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