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Supply Drive!

This month, Side by Side

is holding a drive for funds

to purchase fun learning activities and meals  

that we provide children and families  

at six schools through our Great Start program.


We need to purchase 200 sets of these  

game-changing tools and 48 meals  

to feed the hundreds of families  

that will attend our Great Start family nights.


Can you please help us? You can donate online at

or mail a check to Side by Side, 424 Main Street, Laurel, MD 20707.

Every gift helps bring one family closer  

to a great start.


$10 pays for one family to receive 1 set of reading games and 1 set of math games.

$100 pays for ten families to receive the 1 set each of reading and math games.

$200 pays for food to feed 40 families  

at one of our 48 family nights.


Here's how we're doing so far:  

Bless you for loving local children!












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